Thistle Boxer Rescue is a charity registered in Scotland (SC048773).  We were founded in 2018 by a number of people who love boxers but couldn’t find a charity in Scotland where our enthusiasm and energy were appreciated and embraced.  We are still in the initial stages of growing the charity and raising awareness about the work we do.  Although we are based in the South East of Scotland, we plan to rescue and re-home boxers from across Scotland and hope to develop a nationwide network of volunteers and supporters.  

Our aim is to rescue and care for all boxers who need our help from across Scotland either following neglect or abuse or where their families are simply no longer able to look after and care for them properly due to a change in circumstances. We assess people who apply to adopt one of our dogs carefully and visit them at home to check that our dogs will be safe and to discuss the reasons behind their decision to adopt.  We also assess our dogs carefully and provide any necessary veterinary treatment before matching them to a new family including vaccination, micro-chipping and neutering/spaying.  

We have a small but dedicated team of volunteers, primarily based in the South East of Scotland who commit their time, energy and love freely to our work.  Thistle Boxer Rescue does not have a ‘centre’ and instead try to arrange for dogs to stay with one of our volunteer foster families until we are able to find them a long-term home.  From experience we know that veterinary fees will make up the majority of our expenditure and, as we don’t receive any regular grants, will instead be reliant on the generous donations of time and money from our supporters.  We plan to attend regular fundraising events across the country to help raise funds and to improve awareness of the breed and the work we do.


In addition to our work re-homing boxers, Thistle Boxer Rescue promotes responsible dog ownership and offers guidance and advice to people looking for help or reassurance about their boxer.  We do not discriminate on the basis of age, medical history, behaviour or home circumstances of a boxer; we are here to support all dogs and to find them the most appropriate home and family for them to spend the rest of their lives with.

The aims of Thistle Boxer Rescue are to:

  • Re-home all dogs that come into our care and to never put a healthy dog to sleep
  • Health check, vaccinate and micro-chip all dogs that come into our care
  • Ensure all our dogs are neutered and educate people about the importance of doing this
  • Match each dog to a home based on its specific requirements
  • Provide a lifetime of advice and support to our adopters and their rescue dogs
  • Encourage positive training methods and promote responsible ownership
  • Educate the public about breeders motivated solely by financial gain
  • Help people make the right decision if they choose to buy a puppy